Running Challenge: Day #9 TGIF

Last night I didn’t even bother with dinner. I went straight to bed where I curled up with a mug of tea and my dog. Really a lovely end to the evening. I ignored my alarm clocks this morning and slept in pretty late. No time for a run or even a lengthy dog walk. It wasn’t a big deal because my neighbors watched her today (because they are awesome and they love my dog, rightly so!).

Today was whirlwind between client meetings, a brown-bag lunch presentation and a bunch of other little project-y stuff that kept me rocking at work. There was no time to sneak in a lunch-time run. So, tonight I squeezed in a run around the block and to the co-op. I picked up some juice and a bunch of quarters for laundry. See, I said I’d do some laundry finally.

It was a short run, but that’s A-OK. I’ve got a 10K race tomorrow and a long run on Sunday. Let the holiday running streak continue.

Day#9: 20 minutes. Easy

Terrain: Dark, cold, pavement

Thoughts: You know what’s really great about being single? I can eat as much pickled garlic as I damn well please. And that’s what I’m doing right now, along with a plate of sauteed chicked and veggies.  Perfect pre-race dinner.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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