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Running Challenge: Day #5, Treadmillin’ It!

Today started out as any hectic Monday should.  I couldn’t seem to locate the zillion things I need to get out the door; cell phone, keys, jacket, blah, gloves, dog, coffee, blah, blah, dog leash, dog jacket, apple, blah, blah, … Continue reading

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Case of the Mondays

It’s not an easy to have a fantastic Monday morning, you know. There’s usually something that gets in the way. Like you misplace your keys or you sleep through your alarm or you are still so mentally checked out from … Continue reading

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Running shoes galore

You know you’re a runner when your running shoes take up a significant portion of your closet space… For Most Road Runs: Mizuno Elixirs For Other Road Runs and Dry Easy Trails: Saucony Pro Grid Tangents (2 pairs) For Track … Continue reading

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Food, Running, Food.

Non-obligatory, non-running note: This note is inspired by Ed, who always includes an ORN (obligatory running note) on his blog. As I don’t have a problem finding things to say about running, I thought I’d throw in a non-running note … Continue reading

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Garmin 405 Celebration Day

Today, I opened my email inbox to discover this most exciting news: The Garmin 405 is now Mac compatible!! My squel of excitement was heard throughout the department. For months Phil (my Garmin 405) and I have had a rocky … Continue reading

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Romantic Running

Whereas other ladies might go out with strapping guys, or on dates with  intellectual men, or get romantically involved with  sexy boys, it seems that I have developped a rather serious relationship with running. We’re dating. Or so it seems. … Continue reading

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January Summary and Lessons Learned:

I shouldn’t try to excuse my poor blogging behavior, but does anyone else find it IMPOSSIBLE to blog in January? I should be brimming with updates on resolutions and waxing on about new beginnings and blah, blah, blah. But for … Continue reading

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