Paris 1/2 Marathon 2007

Cascades 1/2 Marathon 2008 1:39

Race for the Roses 1/2 Marathon 2008 1:37:58

Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon 2008 1:34:04

Gresham Jazz 1/2 Marathon 1:38:08

Race for the Roses 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:36:10

Run like Hell 1/2 Marathon 2010 1:35:24

Wheatfield 1/2 Marathon 2011: 1:35:51

Corvallis 1/2 Marathon 2011: 1:33:26

Foot Traffic Flat 1/2 Marathon 2011:

Silver Falls Trail 1/2 Marathon 2011: 1:46:03

Ten Marathons

Paris Marathon 2007 4:05

California International Marathon 2007 3:38:30

Boston Marathon 2008: 3:37:40

Haulin’ Aspen Trail Marathon 2008: 3:37:17

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon 2008: 3:36:28

California International Marathon 2008: 3:14:52

Eugene Marathon 2009: 3:07:55

Timberline Trail Marathon 2010: 3:48:25

California International Marathon 2010: 3:25:15

Eugene Marathon 2011: 3:20

3 Ultra Marathons:

Hagg Lake 50k – 4:32

SOB 50 K – 4:49

Hagg Lake 50k



9 Responses to Races

  1. Mike G says:

    That’s a pretty huge improvement on the Cal Int’l marathon 08 with the 3:14, nice job.

  2. D Vasile says:

    Hello Fellow Runner,

    I was researching my time on the 15 K
    and came accross your blog.. Very funny.
    I can so relate to the many aspects of your
    humorous moments. Except for your outstanding
    time. (Mine 1.16 but heck for only running 2 miles
    a day.. I will take it) I had a great time except
    for the chip strap cutting into my ankle. Bloody mess..
    oh well thank god there were no sharks in all that water πŸ™‚

    What is the next event in Portland?


  3. Hey Heather…

    I don’t know if you have a coach, want a coach or if it is something you have thought about but I know just the guy if you ever start thinking about it….

    Tim Luchinsky: http://joghard.blogspot.com/

    I have been following his blog for ages – apart from being a phenomenal athlete himself, he is very wise, and has taken a lot of runners to the next level.

    Your ‘next level’ is going to be scary fast!

    Check his blog out if you haven’t seen it already.



  4. Brad says:

    Heather, I was the guy who was wearing the yellow shirt at the 20K. I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you on a great race. Mallory and you are two fast women.
    Great job!

  5. Rhonda says:

    The photo of you with the Boston metal can’t be from 2007! We were there that year as my hubby ran that crazy day. I’ve never seen weather like that!!! We went again this year – the marathon he had been dreaming of for 2 years. I found a recipe you wrote that is gluten free. We have a blog for ppl with food allergies. Would love to connect with you.
    Congrats on your running accomplishments. You are fast!

  6. Joe Clark says:

    Nice website. I’m planning on running the Gresham 1/2 on Oct 11. I’ve never been there (I’m in Eugene) – and the elevation map is a bit scary. Are the first 2 miles straight uphill, and a killer?

  7. Gracie says:

    I love being able to see your race history and time improvements – what an inspiration!
    Hope your foot feels better soon πŸ™‚

  8. muddledmuse says:

    Fun to find another PNW runner blog. I am still in the beginner runner stage but I have enjoyed reading your blog so far. My first 1/2 marathon goal is next year.

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