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Ridgefield Holiday 10k 2011

This morning I raced the Ridgefield Holiday 10K.  My neighbor raced too which made for an extra fun day. I was pleasantly surprised by my results. Certainly I wasn’t breaking any records, but I ran a nice race nonetheless!   … Continue reading

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Cold, Tired and Track Praticed

Tonight’s track practice felt awfully cold and awfully difficult. It shouldn’t have been any more or less difficult than last week’s drill, but for some reason I was just dragging. No, I wasn’t dragging. I was huffing and puffing. The … Continue reading

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Top 6 Marathon Preperation Tips

I am still floating around with a  post-marathon glow on my face.  While the rest of my life has resumed its regular schedule, I’m stuck replaying the race in my head. I just can’t stop thinking about it. 3:14:54. Did … Continue reading

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Feeling my inner billy goat.

I’ve tried to embrace hills. I’ve pretended to love them. I’ve talked to them and created mantras to whisper under my breath as I tip-toe my way up. All of this inner hill loving will be tested on Saturday when … Continue reading

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TIART: Talk about Running!

Today, the Runners Lounge asked for our favorite quotes about running. They could be our own. They could be borrowed from someone else. They could be lifted from a favorite t-shirt. Here is my contribution: The reason I run: I … Continue reading

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Shoe Review: Brooks Infiniti

As you can see from the photo, I get unreasonably excited about new running shoes.  They are such an important emotional, financial and physical investment. I spend an average 50 miles a week in running shoes, yo! So they have … Continue reading

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Running in the dark

Have you EVER run trails in the dark? With a headlamp or a flashlight? If you’re like me, you’d spend 50% of the time freaking yourself out. Remember when you went camping for the first time and you couldn’t fall … Continue reading

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